Hohenbuehelia serotina 

Panellus serotinus (syn. Sarcomyxa serotina) ()6575

Hohenbeuhelia serotina (Panellus serotinus, Sarcomyxa serotina) 

Oyster-like mushroom that fruits in clusters during late fall on dead coniferous and deciduous wood. Saprotrophic.

Smooth, shiny olivaceous green to yellow cap. White flesh. Pinkish closely-spaced gills.

Whitish to yellowish spores.

There is some confusion over the family placement of this species. When called Panellus serotinus, it was placed in the Mycenaceae. However other sources have it in the Tricholomataceae, the Marasmiaceae or the Hygrophoraceae.

Edible although some collections can be bitter-tasting. Parboil 10-15 mins., then sauté in butter. It is in the Pleurotaceae family of the Agaricales order.