Porodaedalea chrysoloma  

Phellinus chrysoloma_2502

Porodaedalea chrysoloma (Fr.) Fiasson & Niemela 1984 (Phellinus chrysoloma) 

What we have in the northeast and are calling Phellinus chrysoloma is genetically different from the European species for which it has been named. See Brazee, N.J.; Lindner, D.L. 2013. Unravelling the Phellinus pini s.l. complex in North America: a multilocus phylogeny and differentiation analysis of Porodaedalea. Forest Pathology. 43(2): 132-143. https://doi.org/10.1111/efp.12008.

This polypore is in the Hymenochaetacee family of the Hymenochaetales order.