Nothopanus candissimus (Cheimonophyllum candissimum) 

Nothopanus candissimum (Sacc.) Kühner 1980

Also known as Cheimonophyllum candissimum (Berk. & Curt.) Si

LIke the brown-spored pleurotoid wood-eating mushrooms in the genus Crepidotus, this little oyster-like fungus is small and grows in tiers on its substrate. Unlike species of Crepidotus, Nothopanus candissimum (or Cheimonophyllum candissimum), is a white spored saprotrophic fungus.  It can be found especially following heavy rains from July to October on rotting wood of conifers and broad-leaf trees. The ’Snowy Oysterling’ was once in the Cephellaceae family of the Agaricales order. Its current placement is unclear. Various sources still have it with the Cephellaceae, while others regard at as a member of the Marasmiaceae or Pleurotaceae families.