Clavulina coralloides


Clavulina coralloides (L.) J.Schot. 1888 (Clavulina cristata) ‘Crested Coral’   

Grows from the ground under conifers and hardwoods. Fruits from summer through fall.       It has white to cream to pinkish branches that are parallel and are topped with flattened cristate to fringed tips. Is easily confused with Clavulina cinerea, a very similar appearing, although grayish-white coral. When Clavulina cinerea is infected by Helminthosphaeria clavarium. the coral is grayer and has tiny blackish  spots on the basal branches. Clavulina coralloides is in the Cantharellales order.

Edible, though texture is lacking and taste is described as ‘insipid’.