Bovista pusilla (Lycoperdon pusillum) 

Lycoperdon pusillum 01536

Bovista pusilla (Batch) Per. 1801

This puffball is very small and easily overlooked. It can be found in open grassy areas of yards, parks and fields. The outer covering or peridium has a coating of fine white fibers that becomes powdery and changes color to yellowish and ultimately dark brown with age. The interior gleba is initially white and firm and gradually becomes greenish-yellow and then powdery brown with age. An apical opening or pore develops from which spores are released with maturity. At its base is a pinched corded rhizomomoph. This is a gasteroid puffball, or stomach fungi in the Agaricaceae family of the Agaricales order of the Basidiomycota division. Edibility unknown. 

Bovista pusilla