Boletellus chrysenteroides

Boletellus chrysenteroides A.H. Smith  & Thiers 

This is a smallish bolete, initially with a dark brownish, velvety, dry cap that becomes more smooth and tannish in age.  As the cap expands cracks often develop the way they do for Xerocomellus chrysenteron (Boletus chrysenteron), but flesh shows pale yellow to cream rather than reddish-pinkish. The stem is streaked in brown 'mini-scabers'. As  they age they become somethat reticulate in organization against the background of an expanded stipe and turn reddish-brown in color. On cutting, the middle section of the stipe will blue, and eventually become reddishPores are lemon yellow becoming olivaceous with age. They stain blue and age brown. The spore print is olive-brown. Found In mixed woods on ground and frequently on decayed wood. It is in the Boletaceae family of the Boletales order.