Boletus miniato-olivaceus 

Boletus miniato-olivaceus   01397

Boletus miniato-olivaceus A.H. Smith & Theirs 1971 

This beautiful bolete has a rose-red dry cap that ages to a mottled pinksih-tan with olivaceous splotches. The bright yellow pores take on a reddish coloration with age, but turn olive with age. They also stain blue with handling or cutting, but these stains eventually change to brown. The stipe has a yellow background over which are red to red-brown markings appearing as streaks and dots. The apex and the base of the stipe are bright yellow. Mycorrhizal with beech and hemlock. Not edible and possibly somewhat toxic. 

It is in the Boletaceae family of the Boletales order.

Boletus miniato-olivaceus  01395
Boletus miniato-olivaceus 04219

Boletus miniato-olivaceus