Hortiboletus rubellus 

Hortiboletus rubellus (Krombh.) Simonini, Vizzini & Gelardi 2015 (Xerocomellus, Boletus rubellus) 

The term ‘rubellus’ means reddish or somewhat reddish. This smallish ‘Ruby Bolete’ mushroom has a red cap that is velvet-soft and dry. Sometimes it has a pale yellow or whitish margin. With age, the cap develops cracks and shows the pale straw-yellow flesh beneath. The pores are yellow and bruise blue rather slowly. The stem is thin and long relative to the width of the cap. It is red everywhere except for the apex and the base which is yellowish. The spores are olive and turn the pore surface olive-yellow with age.  Hirterubellus can be easily confused with Horteboletus campestris. It can be found mainly with oaks and other hardwoods. While edible, it is usually inhabited by insect larvae, and may taste like soap. It is in the Boletaceae family of the Boletales order.